Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Buried Life

When I began to work on this project I admit I was a bit hesitant, I have never been really into the whole bucket list idea. But as I began to brainstorm list items I was surprised how many things I really want to do. I've always had big dreams of traveling the world, doing exciting things but I never really thought they could be accomplished. This project put my life into perspective for me though, I realized this is only high school and I have so much time left, and I have become motivated to cross all 50 items off my list. Some items on the list are about facing frees, or discovering something new and I know ultimately these will make me a better person. I'm excited to see where this list will take me and can't wait for the adventure it holds.

Before I die...
1. Go to New York
2. Adopt a child
3. Go to more than one music festival in a summer
4. Swim in the Dead Sea
5. Learn to play a sport & enjoy it
6. Work in a orphanage overseas
7. Work for an NGO
8. Travel to New Zealand
9. Visit The Shire (Matamata, New Zealand)
10. Plan someone else's wedding
11. Get married
12. Road trip fro coast to coast
13. Cage dive with great white sharks
14. Stargaze in the middle of no where
15. Get a tattoo
16. Climb a mountain
17. Finish my sketchbook
18. Visit Disney World during Halloween
19. See a musical on Broadway
20. Live on a boat
21. Learn fluent sign language
22. Open a bakery
23. Go in a submarine
24. Gowhite water rafting
25. Hang glide in Rio de Janeiro
26. Have my artwork put on display at a gallery
27. Ride an elephant in Thailand
28. Visit the Musuem of Modern Art & see Van Gogh's Starry Night
29. Be an extra in a zombie movie
30. Mail my own postsecret
31. Run in an election 
32. Hike in the redwood national park
33. Take part in a protest/rally about something I'm passionate about
34. Watch the World Cup live
35. Live somewhere other than Winnipeg
36. Go to school in a different country
37. Dye my hair
38. Write a children's book
39. Run a marathon
40. Learn to drive
41. Sleep on the beach
42. Plant a tree
43. Cook a meal for a homeless person
44. Experience weightlessness 
45. Scuba dive
46. Pull off the perfect prank
47. Backpack through Europe 
48. Go to Blue Lagoon Iceland
49. Donate blood
50.Teach a child to ride a bike

Now what? I've decide to start with #5, learn to play a sport and enjoy it. This sounds simple but for me not so much. I love the idea of a team and trying something new but every sport I've ever tried I've never been able to get into. This new year I decided to start fresh on a new healthier lifestyle and this fits perfectly in with my plan. The goal is to join a team sport at the school before I graduate, this gives me the chance to accomplish the bucket list item and connect with new friends around our school. Spring is coming up and I have numerous opportunities, I have been looking into rugby so far but I'm keeping my options open, but I am determined to find something new that I love!


  1. I love how you presented your project. If was such a cute way to show your project and was very creative. I like how your visual representations were not all pictures. That was cool.

  2. Wow Emily, I LOVED the bulletin board. Its super cool how you can hang it up in your room and have a visual reminder of all the cool things you want to do in your life!

  3. I really like the medium you used for your project I think that the buliten board was a really creative idea and I think that it will be something you will be able to look at every day and that will give you a push to go and do those things

  4. I really like your bulletin board, it's so different from other projects and I can tell you worked hard on it. I hope you don't die playing rugby :)

  5. Creative way of demonstrating through the bulletin board, and I thought your list inspired me.

  6. I like how you didn't do a video! You have good presentational skills so it wasn't boring to listen to! I also like how you are gonna make use of the project and hang it in your room afterwards! Good job!!

  7. The idea of a bulletin board is so creative and now you can actually keep it and like Mrs. McLauchlan said, subconsciously start checking them off

  8. I liked how you choose a creative way of presenting your project and something nobody else has done. I liked how you could use different things like the CD or mirror to represent certain items. I also liked your Now What I thought that it was a good idea and something realistic.

  9. Your bulletin board idea is so cool! It's super original and it's visually appealing. It's a good way to keep you reminded to finish it when it's hanging up on your wall. I really liked the mirror in the corner with the "dye your hair" item. Very neat.

  10. I really like the idea of the bulletin board, very nice! It will be nice to be able to keep that in your room therefore you can always look at it and be reminded of the goals you have! Good luck with Rugby! (I'm not one for sports either!)

  11. I really like how you wrote out all your bucket list items on you bulletin board so that it can actually see them everyday, I also think your bucket list was really good, you had a lot of cool things on there

  12. loved the creativity of your project! It's so creative interesting and I like the fact that you can hang it up in your room because it looks so appealing to the eye!

  13. I loved how you put your bucket list on the bulletin board, it looked super cool and was very creative! I also thought your "Now what" was really good.

  14. I thought that your bulletin board idea was really put together, its perfect because you can hang it up and can look at it whenever. I love your writing btw! I think planning someone else's wedding is a great idea. It would be so cool to attend the wedding and think how you made it all happen.

  15. i really enjoyed your presentation! you did a good job presenting your bucket list

  16. I really loved how you chose to do it on a bulletin board instead of a video! I loved it and I wish I did that instead! I think that's awesome that you're going to join a school sports team, good for you!

  17. Your presentation was really good! i really enjoyed watching it! good job

  18. Emily - I really like how you chose to display your bucket list. I think you did a really good job of making it look neat and unique, it really grabs your attention.