Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Social Fiction Project "Friday Night Dreaming"

Written by: Emily Pedreira


On tumblr: http://fridaynightdreaming.tumblr.com

Friday Night Dreaming

My head pounds as I stare at the computer. I know I should not have waited so long but I would not be the queen of procrastination for no other reason.  Class starts in approximately ten hours and there are less than 40 words on my page. Caffeine would be nice, sleeping would be better. But I will settle for option one till every last word has been written. Sleep is for the weak, I think to myself as I take a sip of the coffee from the homemade mug once given as a gift to my mother. Resisting the urge to yawn, I shift position on my bed.

“Just a little while longer,” I mutter to myself “You can do this.”

“Katieeee,” my sister’s screech fills the hallway. “We’re ready to go now.” My little sister is being such a drag, especially because I have so much to do this week. First of all my Uggs boots need to be cleaned, I have to find the perfect scarf for this amazing sweater weather, and of course, my Christmas lights need to be hung in my bedroom. My parents made me crawl all the way through the dirty, dingy cupboard beneath the stairs to find the perfect pair of all white lights, and just my luck when I finally get out, the entire string it tangled. This is going to take me years to fix, and I was supposed to go to the mall tonight to get the best little black dress for the Christmas party. They'll definitely be closed by the time I finish. I should just make my brat of a little sister fix them since she put them away last year. If I don't get them up soon, I won't be the first to set the trend of Instagram and my senior year will be ruined, I can't be popular if I'm just following everyone else. But, they are so tangled and I am so frustrated, like how do strings even get tangled, who decided this would be a funny idea? I wish they would just untangle themselves, my life is way too stressful to be going through this right now, I might even have a breakdown, and then my perfect holiday makeup will be ruined for my "selfie" later. It’s like an endless knot, how did this happen to me! Oh wait, there's only one tangle left. I did it, I really did it, wow I'm a hashtag superstar. I open my bedroom door and walk into the hallway, bracing myself to be greeted by my nagging mother. Only there is no sound at all, even the familiar hum of the fridge is gone.  I step back into my room spinning around only to be shocked by the glare of all white walls, this is not my house. I’m in a large open space; one chair in the middle and a long desk where three doctors wait patiently for me to take my seat.

“Friday, we’re ready for you.” I sit down in the chair; I’ve been here before it’s coming back to me now. I know the drill and I’m ready, this time I’ll pass.

“Good afternoon Friday, it has been 365 days since you’re last examination.” The doctor on the right speaks first, her tone is calm and she tries to smile. She’s been here before too, I can tell she’s afraid to hear about my progress. It hasn’t gone so well over the past few years. We all start a day, you have a 52 weeks to prove to the immortals that you are worthy of life. Then after your evaluation, if you pass, you become human.

 “I think I’m ready this time,” I begin. “I’ve found a new passion, something to occupy my time. I’m different, I promise.” The doctor in the middle interrupts me before I can continue.

“We will see, let’s start from the top, you know the first question by now.”  His brown eyes watch me intently, looking for any sign of nervous behaviour to document and fail me.

“My name is Friday, this is my one hundredth year of serving, and I would like to be revaluated.”  As you can see it has taken me 99 more tries than most. Growing up has been tough, I’ve had to take on a lot of responsibility; throwing parties, causing trouble, keeping up with your basic weekend duties,  but my main job is to not mess with Saturday. Only problem is I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Waking up in strange places, hangovers and being late for work, those are entirely my fault, and they’ve happened too many times before.

“Let’s take a look.” The final doctor speaks. I know what happens next.  I close my eyes, bracing myself to see all the memories of the past year flash before me. It only takes a second but it’s painful to see all of it replayed over again. Suddenly it stops, I flick open my eyes, and look toward the doctors who are writing the evaluation.  Each has a different expression, not necessarily a good sign. They finish writing and hand them back to the female doctor.  Her eyes are heavy, as if she’s been carrying a burden for weeks. She clears her throat and starts.

“I am sorry to inform you, but after one hundred years of service, we have to regretfully inform you that your time is up, your soul with be terminated at the end of this meeting.

“No, you don’t understand I’ve changed!” I scream, but it is no use, I run to the door and out into the warm sun. They're everywhere. Packs of great whites swarm the clearing of the forest. I hide behind a prickly bush covered by the shade of the old oak trees. There is only one way out, through the vast opening guarded by sharks, teeth gnashing at anything that moves. Their black beady eyes watch the tree line intently as if they know I am here. I weigh my chances of making it out, slim to none. The thought of making a run for the other side of the shark infested forest makes my body shudder. Goosebumps rise on my arms; I will soon be out of time. I shift my weight in a crouching position to get a better view, looking for a new route out. A small twig jabs into my arm, I look down to see the damage and catch a single drop of blood on my finger before it hits the ground. Quickly smearing the blood onto my now grass-stained pants, I see the noses of every shark raise. The sweet scent of their next meal draws them closer and closer. I've been deceived by my own body, there is no chance of survival. I begin to panic, sweat dripping from my brow, I slowly close my eyes anticipating that this will be the end. My hearts is racing. And I wait but nothing comes, I open my eyes. Looking around I do not see a forest but instead the familiar blue of my bedroom walls.  I sit up, looking around; a laptop at my feet, open to Tumblr, and my sketchbook and phone lay beside me.  I check my clock, there is six hours till class starts and it is the middle of the night. I reopen my laptop and write a short story.

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