Friday, 6 December 2013

Character Tweets Conversation

Fever by Lauren DeStefano

@rhine             @madame
@gabriel          @lilac

R: Am I finally free? #toogoodtobetrue

G: @rhine yes WE are finally safe

M: @rhine @gabriel spoke to soon.. Welcome to my carnival of amour! #youaremine


R: cannot sleep while I see him this way.  #getbetter

G: @rhine they were taking you away, come back to me, don't die, I love you.

R: @gabriel it's just a dream, I'm here, I'm safe, I won't let anyone hurt you.


M: come see the lovebirds my newest attraction, must see event.

R: @gabriel we can't do this anymore, we have to get out.

G: @rhine at least I'm with you, that's all I need #inlove

R: @gabriel it's a trick, this is not a true feeling #angelsblood is messing with your mind.


R: missing my brother, we will #reunite soon.

M: @rhine wishful thinking, you're mine now goldenrod

R: @rhine @madame don't give up, this is not your home.


G: @rhine the housemaster has found us we have to go now

L: @rhine @gabriel I've collected some things for us, we can all leave this place

R: knew all this was #toogootobetrue, I can't go back to that place

G: @rhine I won't let him take you


M: two drugaddicts and a baby, they won't last #seeyousoon goldenrod @rhine

R: we can't stop, they're must be something, anything, around here


R: there's nothing left, where did you go, I need you

G: I'm so sorry @rhine, we'll find him, it's going to be ok

R: @gabriel nothing is ok anymore #nohope


R: all we have left is a name and a storybook #lastresort

G: @rhine it's our best bet, wishing @lilac was here to explain more #confused

R: @gabriel it's not safe here anymore we should go..


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