Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Quickwrite - Pause or Rewind

If I had the option to have a pause or rewind button for my life, I would pick the pause button. Pausing life would give you the ability to stop and enjoy a moment or take a break from a stressful event. Pausing for you a minute of two to clear your head and refresh before going back to the fast pace of life. I would never want to rewind because when you find the moment you life, you must start again from there and relive everything all over again from that place on. Every good moment again sounds great, but you'd have to relive the bad moments too. You'd feel so many feelings again, and memories will flood back through the screen, pausing will save you the pain of this. When pausing, you still have to move forward eventually and never go back and that keeps the flow going and life on track.

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