Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Six Word Memoir De-brief

What did I learn about storytelling?

For this assignment I learned there are many steps to writing a good story. First I learned how to simplify a story by using good word choice. As I started this concept was very tricky, having only six words to convey a message was harder than I thought it would be. I found I constantly wanted to use more words to describe one thing, when all I really needed was one word to encompass the entire thought. Punctuation also played a key part in creating the feeling of the story. By using the proper punctuation I was able to change a mood from cheery to sad just with a period. Overall I learned that storytelling is a process that takes lots of thought and different skills to portray the right message.

Where did I show my knowledge about using storytelling skills?

I used my knowledge of punctuation the most in my six word memoirs. An example of this is on my fourth memoir about the past. I knew when I found the picture that I wanted to convey a certain feeling, making the reader feel empathy or sadness towards the message that many of us have expierenced. When I chose the words, they made fit the picture but it felt like a blank thought, no emotion. By adding the exclamation mark at the end of "best friends for life" it have the piece a happy, cheery feeling. But when I added the period after "we said" it gave the message a abrupt stop and flipped the feeling to the complete opposite. It showed how life, words, stories, can complete change in a second. I also used punctuation in many of the other memoirs but this one stuck out the most to me.

What did I learn as a reader, writer, thinker, storyteller?

As a reader I learned that only a few words can say a message just as well as 100 words, after reading the memoirs and the author's notes, the realized that the initial message I received was just emphasised through a paragraph below. As a storyteller, I learned to look at my own story and see where I could relate to others to convey a universal message that would be easy to understand but still meaningful and well thought out.

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