Monday, 14 October 2013

Main Character Apps


Isadora's iPhone:
Book: The Chaos of Stars
Author: Kiersten White

  • Constellations: All of the universe in the palm of your hand, every constellation with every one of its names. Even though it is cloudy in California, Isadora can see her stars just like she remembers from Egypt.
  • Restaurant Rater: Find ratings for all the greatest restaurants and the best dishes from each. Although Ry already does this for Isadora, you can never be too careful and checking out a restaurant rating is the safest you can get.
  • Museum of California: Keep up with all the information and news you need about the Museum of California. As a volunteer here, Isadora can keep track of deadlines, hours, and new exhibits coming to the museum.
  • How-to: Magic & Charms: Are you into ancient Egyptian rituals, spells and more? Main character Isadora is and so is her family. With this app she can keep up with all the crazy charms and magic going on.
  • Sketchpad: As an interior designer Isadora is constantly brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. Having a sketchpad on her phone allows all these great plans to be put in one spot without the hassle of constantly caring around a big notebook.
  • Colour Palettes: This app allows you to choose different colour combinations and try them out on different objects. With this, Isadora can capture the colours such as Orion`s perfect blue eyes and flawless olive skin and never forget how amazing they look together.
  • Bike map of California: New to Cali and don't have a car? No problem, bike around the area like you've lived there for years. Perfect for Isadora as a newbie to such a beautiful place.
  • Mail: Everyone needs an email, how else would you keep up with nagging mothers all the way across the world! Email is the main communication source for Isis and Isadora, but it can get pretty bothersome keeping up with someone you don't really want to talk to.
  • Hieroglyph Translator: As the daughter of a Goddess, who has lived since the beginning of time, understanding ancient writings may be difficult. Isadora can track and translate all her mother's writing in this app.
  • The Nile - Photos From Egypt: The Nile is an app of interactive photos of wildlife, culture, and landscapes of Egypt. Isadora will never feel too far from home with this on her phone. Even when she won't admit it, Egypt can never be replaced in her heart.
Phone Case:
The back phone case is a simple version of the constellation Orion with golden stars in a black night.

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