Monday, 30 September 2013

(5) Six word memoir: Who I am

 The picture and text of these memoir are pretty straight forward. I am a daughter to a wonderful mother (as seen in the picture,) a sibling to a beautiful sister, and I am a girl, growing into a young women. The last word is what catches people off guard, feminist. For people who know me, this is hard to understand because I would love to take on the "typical women role" when I grow up of cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children, but I want this to be my choice not an obligation. I am a feminist in the sense of free will, I believe every women, young or old, deserve the right to equal treatment, education and freedom of choice. No girl should be forced to abandon their childhood and be used as a slave. No women should have their dream of going to university crushed by the stereotype of being a homemaker. Although women and men are different, we are equal and deserve to be seen this way. As a daughter, sister, and a women, I want to be apart of a movement to change the world. I want the female stereotype to no longer be around, and I want every women to choose their own path.

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