Saturday, 14 September 2013

Reading Survey

How have you experiences in elementary, middle, and high school affected your views on reading?
In elementary reading was always presented as fun and rewarding, choosing books from a library that seemed to be endless. I always loved to read, it was one of the few things I did on a daily basis without having to be asked. Unfortunately as I began to get older and the more books I read, I started to feel like I was running out of books that actually interested me. When I went into middle school I never knew what to read and I found many books boring or not my type. Reading became more of a chore, something that I would only do if it was an absolute must. As I began grade seven this was still my impression until I started English class that year. I had a new teacher who was known for having a classroom library just like yours. She made reading fun again, and showed me all new genres that I had never considered. I would go home once or even twice a week with a new book to read, this opened my eyes to so many different authors and learning experiences. I loved to read again and I have carried this love with me into high school. Although I am much busier now, I will always make time for a good book.

What kind of books do you like to read? Why do you enjoy them?
                I enjoy many different genres but my favourites are historical fiction and dystopian novels. I like these types because I enjoy being taken to places and times that I’ve never experienced. When I read a book I look for an escape from reality, someone else’s life story, a break from work, school, and everyday drama. Historical fiction and dystopian novels do this the best for me, because although they all are set in places around me, they have a different take on the world, from the past or from the future. This is what intrigues me, and pulls me in. What the world once was and what it may become are two of the most fascinating things to me, aside from God and the ocean that is, and seeing others ideas of what that looks like will keep me reading for days straight.  Lately, I have only been reading dystopian books because they are very popular and easy to find, but I’m in desperate need for a good historical fiction, if you have any suggestions please let me know!

What is the best book you have ever read and why?
                I could not name an absolute favourite but one at the top of my list is The Book Thief by Mark Zusak . I love this book for a number of reasons. First, as I mentioned earlier I greatly enjoy historical fiction, which The Book Thief falls perfectly into the genre. The holocaust and World War II are such complex and tragic events that are only ever touched on by history textbooks or real life stories. Mark Zusak takes his knowledge of these events and creates a heart wrenching novel of a young girl stuck in the middle; he takes a horrific history and creates a beautiful story. Second, this book is so unique by having the third person narrator as death. It captivates you and makes you see and feel things from a very different perspective, and it is a sad realisation that death was always present during this time. Last, Mark Zusak created characters that I will never forget, each one perfectly constructed to play their part and each hold a small piece of my heart. This book is definitely something I will be ready again and I know I will feel the same way about this book the second or third time around.

Techno “Do-You”
                I have a iPhone with data but I rarely receive service in your classroom, if we have open wifi I will be able to use this for class. I always have my phone on me and it is a big way that I communicate with others through texting, social media and a blog. I do have a twitter account, although I am not a frequent user of it but I would prefer to keep it personal. If necessary, I am willing to make a second account for this class or school use in general. I also have a blog on tumblr, I like to keep this as private from as many people around me as possible, it is a place I use to vent, talk about things I love, look at beautiful art and photography, and follow other people who inspire me with their lives. My blog is a very large part of my life and is what I spend the most time on while on my phone or a computer. As for using technology for learning in this course or others, I think it is a brilliant idea; it lets students connect their outside life to school in a positive way and makes learning easier and more assessable to this generation. I am very excited about using this blog and look forward to the rest of the course!

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