Sunday, 22 September 2013

Perfectionist to Artist

i love art. i love others peoples art, but i don't like my own.

growing up i have become a major perfectionist. i like straight lines on homemade posters, and i love perfect letters. i'm the type of person who will rewrite notes because they're not "pretty," and when i started high school, i hoped i'd grow out of this. which, in some ways i have but, i must admit i still carry a ruler in my pencil case.

art and perfectionism clash, a lot. it is so hard for me to look at my own paintings or doodles and not see the flaws and want to rip it up and start again. and it sucks, because more than anything i want to fill a sketchbook with beautiful works and be able to call it my masterpiece. and so i am starting a project.

a year back a bought a "wreck this journal" and never really started it, in fear that i wouldn't wreck it properly (like what...) which lead to my great idea for this blog. every week, at least once or twice, i will do a page of the book, and post it here for all to see. no do-overs or second chances, in the hope that i can put the life of a perfectionist behind and become an artist.

i hope to post in a few days, and am very excited to see how this will go!


  1. I definitely understand the perfectionist thing. Last year in art, it would take me forever to sketch anything because I would do it over and over agin until it was perfect, so I forced myself to only sketch in pen so I couldn't re-do it. I'm excited to see how your journal turns out!

  2. Oh jeez, I am definitely the same way about perfectionism.. I'm so terrible in art class because I either try really hard and take months to finish because I need it to be perfect OR I just don't bother trying at all because I'd rather not try than try, but do poorly. You know what I mean?

    It's something a lot of people struggle with, but I also have WTJ (Wreck This Journal) and it's surprisingly helped me with my perfectionist ways. Like, when it tells you to crack the spine.. I cringed, but I did it and felt a lot better. Also, how often do you get permission to break the spine of a book!?