Monday, 30 September 2013

(4) Six word memoir: Past

After editing this photo I realized how sad this picture looks. I didn't mean to make it this way but it really brings out the feelings of this topic. Looking into my past I see this same smiling girl not afraid of the world with her friends at her side, but I begin to realize that these people aren't beside me anymore. When you are young you believe in the idea of "for life," in having the same friends, the same house, pets, lover, and view of the world. But, the truth is many of these things will change, people grow apart. Instead of being upset by this I love to look back at the memories and enjoy them for the time being. Although I can't stop my friends from leaving I can hold onto what I have, because even when people change, the good memories don't. I'm not bitter by what the future has brought and I embrace the chance to meet new people too, but sometimes I wish the statement was true, best friends for life.

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