Monday, 30 September 2013

(1) Six word memoir: Hate

The first six word memoir I started with is in the category of hate, which I put a positive spin on. The picture is from Canada Day this year with some of my very good friends, and the caption is “Their words made me happier today.”  I chose this caption and picture for a number of reasons, it can be taken literally as in these friends have helped me with kind words and made my life better today, but I also used it to describe the hate in my past. During middle school and the beginning of high school I was bullied by the people around for who I am and what I believe, people would say very ugly and disrespectful comments to me about my faith, my family, or anything they could think of. Although this caused me much pain at the time, it made me stronger and able to branch out to find new friends who accepted and loved me for who I am. In this picture I think it shows me as genuinely happy, which  is the main message I want portrayed.

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